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Filmy Dera Entertainment is an Indian film production company established by Manish Kumar in 2019 (Formerly called Kreative Kumar Entertainment in 2010).

Filmy Dera Entertainment is focused on quality storytelling, striking visuals, and innovative design. The combined experience of the in-house team covers award-winning films, commercials, music videos, short films, Documentaries, live events, and new media content. we carry your project from concept to creation. We also offer video consulting and comprehensive video production services with the most advanced technology available with top-notch video professionals. We offers innovative and creative film and video pre-production and post-production services with creative concept, art design, story boarding, crew casting, location scouting, equipment rental, and casting and crew locating for films, television, commercials and corporate production houses. We have in-depth knowledge and skills in all parts of the production pipeline from the pre-production to post production.
The company consists of three departments: Filmy Dera Entertainment, for live-action production, FDE, for pre-production (concepts, story, script & lyrics) and FDE, for post-production (editorial, visual effects, advertising, motion graphics).


A creative Film Production Company that believes in the power of creative ideas and great production. We empower talented creative persons to express what inspires them. Creativity is our main talent and we known for our creative ideas and production.


We know your needs are important hence we care your needs and prioritize them. We always suggest Just be honest in making a movie. Then you'll find that it's fighting back against you and telling you how to write and shoot it.


We are a hard-working creative filmmaker, Taking it to the next level has & always will be part of our DNA. Driven by passion & fueled by fun, we anchor ourselves deeply in your story because we truly understand the value & power of every single moment.

Filmy Dera Entertainment established by Manish Kumar in 2019 (Formerly called Kreative Kumar Entertainment in 2010). Manish Kumar is an award winning filmmaker/ Director/ Producer/ Editor/ Writer having 10 years of rich experience with holding diploma in filmmaking from well renowned filmmaking institute, Delhi. He has been a part of numerous well received campaigns in multimedia and entertainment industry. His repertoire covers all senses of audio-visual medium and reflects quality, innovation and passion.
Manish Kumar

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Filmy Dera Entertainment